The best Monaco attractions for young families

29th January 2018

For people who have never visited or lived in Monaco, it can seem like a magical place – especially given its associations with sunshine, beaches and the twentieth-century romance between Monaco’s Prince Rainier III and Hollywood legend Grace Kelly.

That magic could easily enchant your kids, but this only begins hinting at why Monaco can be a great place for both you and them. Here are some of Monaco’s most family-friendly attractions.

Oceanographic Museum

If marine science intrigues you, then head to this museum, the building of which beautifully emerges from cliff sides. Once you are in there, you can see large collections of sea fauna, not to mention unusual and insightful exhibitions – though check when one you particularly like will end.

Your children could especially like the basement-based aquarium – where, as The Culture Trip describes, over 6,000 specimens of sea life could wow them by simply appearing.

Zoological Gardens

Going to the zoo can be a typical part of a family holiday – and you can certainly get close to exotic animals in Monaco thanks to these gardens, which Rainer III established in 1954. Don’t be misled by the gardens’ fairly small size; there is a good variety of animals here, including birds and a hippo.

Rainier III Nautical Stadium’s outdoor swimming pool

If your children typically can’t get enough of swimming and splashing about in a pool, you could take them to this open-air swimming pool at the sports complex known as the Rainer III Nautical Stadium.

You shouldn’t overly struggle to find this pool – it’s actually on the harbour – and you could be pleasantly surprised by the prices, which are low by Monaco’s own standards. The pool is open between May and October; interestingly, it is converted into an ice-skating rink every winter.

The Prince’s Palace of Monaco

This palace has an extraordinary history. It first fell into the hands of the Grimaldis – who currently rule Monaco as its royal family – in 1297, after Francois Grimaldi entered it while disguised as a monk, the Prince’s Palace of Monaco website explains.

Every day, at exactly 11:55am, the Changing of the Guards ceremony takes place just outside the building. Inside the palace, you can see wonderful artworks by Old World masters, highlights Babble.

Exotic Gardens

Exotic plants – including cacti and succulents – of a huge number are packed into the Exotic Garden – which, as a Monaco attraction, dates back to 1933. A favourable climate means that you can enjoy admiring a range of “dry-zone” plants. Don’t be too surprised if your kids keep asking you for the names of different types of plant here… and don’t be overly surprised if you can’t immediately say!

Of course, if you were a Monaco resident, all of these attractions would be right on your doorstep – and, with our assistance, applying to become a Monaco resident could be easier than you expect. Our website includes a range of in-depth details about what the application process involves.