5 little known facts about Monaco

30th October 2017

Like us, you’re probably enamoured by Monaco, the glamour, style and the breathtaking coastal location. You’re probably also familiar with a few commonly known facts about the Principality like it’s the second smallest country in the world at just 1.24 square miles and that the Grimaldi family is the oldest ruling house in Europe – but did you know:

Casinos are a no no

Think casinos are synonymous with Monaco? Well in some ways you’d be right, for since the late 19th Century Monaco’s residents have enjoyed a tax-free lifestyle funded primarily by those very casinos.

However, times have changed, the economy has moved on, and now tourism accounts for most of the Principality’s income, and though the Casinos are still very much in evidence, they only account for a small portion of that income.

But there’s a big ‘but’ coming here, if you are a Monaco resident, you’re not allowed to gamble or visit any of those casinos. Yes, you have to be over eighteen and not a local resident.

A film firm favourite

We’re probably all familiar with some of those classic panoramic shots of Monaco, which have been popular with filmmakers from the 1930’s (The story of a Cheat), right up until the present day.

Heard of Monte Carlo Baby (1951)? No, well it one of Audrey Hepburn’s first film roles –later renamed We Go to Monte Carlo – two years before she made her breakthrough in Roman Holiday.

In fact, a few great movies have been set or filmed in the principality – you’d be hard-pressed to find films more stylish or impactful than say The Red Shoes (1948) or To Catch a Thief (1955).

But did you know that two James Bond films were filmed on location in Monaco, Never Say Never Again (1983), GoldenEye (1995); and a third, Casino Royale, was inspired by the Casino de Monte-Carlo – but filmed elsewhere.

Flag matters

While we’re digging up facts about Monaco, we thought we’d better flag it up that the flags of Indonesia and Monaco, are the same in colour and design. In fact, both flags are made up of two horizontal stripes of red and white, although the Indonesian flag is wider differentiating it a little. These colours are associated with the House of Grimaldi; and also feature in the kit of the Monaco football team.

Monégasque residents

There are around 32,000 citizens registered in Monaco, including a representative from almost every country in the world, but only 6,000 residents are native Monaco residents, a little less than a fifth of the population.

Your travel quandary

Planning to jet into Monaco? Well think again, you’ll be left in a dilemma because there are no airports in Monaco, so don’t dust off your private jet just yet. You might be best off taking the train from Nice – a sprightly thirty-minute journey, or you could try and get a landing spot at the local heliport – but it’s extremely busy.

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