Monaco Relocation Services knows that finding the perfect school for your child can be one of hardest factors when considering a change of location. Rest assured Monaco has both public and private schools that can meet the needs of your children from birth upwards.


Education in the Principality is served by 10 state schools which follow the French syllabus with the addition of Monaco history and Monegasque language. The French system is well respected and repeatedly ranks as one of the world’s best education systems. Monaco schools take this a step further having an even higher reputation. Schooling in the state system can start as early as 3 with the ‘Ecole Maternelle’, an option most families take up although compulsory education doesn’t start until the age of 6. Primary School is from age 6 until 11 years of age, middle School from 11 to 14 and finally secondary school from 14 to 16. Monaco state schools are free to attend and children living in the Principality are guaranteed a place.


The ISM is the only International School in the Principality, offering a bilingual education following the International Baccalaureate programme until the age of 18. Having recently expanded its premises the school offers state of the art facilities with a large focus on technology and tailoring its teaching to each individual child. Unlike the public system, fees are required to admit students starting from around €6,000 euros per year at kindergarten to €24,000 for the eldest students, paid in advance and in instalments.


There has been a French speaking Waldorf Steiner school very close to Monaco for the last 5 years which admits children from ages 2 to 6. Their philosophy focuses on the recognition that a child’s free play is of paramount importance to their development and this facility has proved a popular option for many parents. Fees start from €4,250 per year.

In 2016 a Bilingual Montessori School opened it’s doors for 2–6 year olds. The Montessori system also focuses on respect for a child’s inane development and fees start at €5,000.

Other well respected, independent fee paying schools in the area include the International School of Nice and the Mougins School.


The International University of Monaco (IUM) is an institution dedicated to educating business leaders through programs based on entrepreneurialism and global focus. It offers undergraduate and post graduate degrees in business in the areas of luxury, marketing, Finance, Sport Business Management and International Management.

Monaco Relocation Services have helped many families moving to Monaco gain places for their children at all of the education establishments listed above.