At Monaco Relocation Services our primary focus is helping clients to understand:

  • Move logistics
  • Monaco Residency applications
  • Real estate activities in Monaco and the French Riviera
  • Schooling
  • Banking and tax planning

We aim to make your transition and life in Monaco as seamless and smooth as possible. We are here to help. The team at MRS have over 24 years experience of life in the Principality of Monaco. We are knowledgeable, trustworthy and super-efficient with very strong local connections in all the relevant areas to ensure things turn out as planned.

  • Over 24 years experience of life in Monaco
  • A one-stop-shop
  • Fluent in French, English and Italian.
  • 5 star client approval rating and strong growth via referrals
  • Vast network of local suppliers and professionals including accountants /lawyers / tax planning / doctors / housekeepers / nannies / furniture suppliers builders, architects and interior designers